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Moving and Storage Service: Tips for Moving with Pets

If you own pets, you probably have a lot of questions but also concerns. Especially if your animals are part of the moving and storage service | Hall Lane | Commack, NYfamily and you have several that need to move with you, it is imperative that you use the right moving and storage service. You need to hire a company that provides full services. As part of that, they can offer advice on how to get furry friends to their new home.


Information Provided by a Top Moving and Storage Service


  • Before Moving – Ahead of your scheduled move date, make sure your animals have visited the vet. Your veterinarian will make sure that all of your pets are up to date on vaccines. While there, get a copy of their medical records and have any prescriptions filled if moving out of the vicinity. Also, make sure your dogs and cats have tags, including their names, your name, phone number, and new address. Just in case one of your animals was to get lost while moving, the person who finds it can get in touch.


  • Introduction – Although this may not always be possible, if you are moving a relatively short distance away, take your dogs and cats to your new home as an introduction. To help your animals acclimate to the new home, this will help. In fact, without washing their blankets, beds, and toys, take those with you so they have a sense of comfort while exploring.


  • Normal Routine – As explained by a reputable company, animals are sensitive to change. Therefore, when they see you packing and sense your stress, they will react. Because of this, you might notice a difference in their behavior or personality. To keep a calm environment, stick to your normal Also, by using the best moving and storage service, you will experience less stress, which will have a positive impact on your pets.


  • Moving Day – On moving day, the company that you hire for moving and storage service will show up with a truck, equipment, boxes, and a moving crew. To animals, all of this can easily cause stress overload. Therefore, put your pets in a quiet room in the home away from the activity until you are ready to load them into your vehicle and head to your new address.


Moving with animals is always going to be somewhat challenging, but making good decisions will make things easier and less stressful.


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