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Things Home Movers Don’t Transport

Home Movers | Hall Lane | Commack, NYHome movers today consist of trained, professional, and dedicated people who go above and beyond to ensure every customer’s satisfaction. They offer standard and add-on services as well as competitive prices. Expert movers also help guide customers through the moving process to make things easier. As part of this, movers provide their customers with a list of stuff that they seldom move or cannot transport by law.

When planning a move, it is important to look at the top home movers, those with an excellent reputation. That way, you will get excellent help and have a clear understanding of what they can and cannot take. When looking at the list provided by the top home movers, you will notice two categories: hazardous and non-hazardous.

Although some of the things on the hazardous list might be no-brainers, others may surprise you. For example, responsible movers will never transport things like gasoline and gun ammunition, but they also do not transport things like paint, vehicle batteries, fireworks, pool chemicals, aerosols, barbecue charcoal and lighter fluid, liquid bleach, ammonia, propane tanks, and poisons.

Some of the things on the hazardous list that you might find surprising include nail polish, nail polish remover, and fertilizer. The most surprising item is fertilizer. When used in the garden, fertilizer is no big deal, but under some circumstances, it becomes highly explosive.

Typically, things in this category are corrosive, explosive, or flammable. Because of that, they are too dangerous to move. If you have belongings that fall into the hazardous category, you can move them in your own vehicle, but even then, you need to be cautious.

Non-hazardous items include anything that is perishable. While not dangerous, most professional moving companies will not transport refrigerated or frozen food, produce, and even indoor plants since they attract insects and rodents. Even if you are hiring a company for a move just 50 miles away, if your scheduled delivery gets delayed for any reason, those items could go bad.

One other thing to consider is that while home movers do transport precious items, such as jewelry, artwork, family heirlooms, personal collections, and so on, you may want to move these yourself. Although you want to hire a company that provides replacement value insurance, if you would be devastated about losing a particular item, self-transport is probably a better option.

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