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Filing a Claim With A Professional Moving Service

When it comes to moving, many people have concerns that something Claims: Professional Moving Service | Commack, NYof value will get lost, damaged, or destroyed. Fortunately, when using a reputable moving service, seldom do things go wrong. However, accidents can happen, which is why you want to hire a reputable moving company. Make sure you select a company with proper licensing and insurance protection.

When using a professional moving service, choose a company that provides replacement value insurance. That way, if something gets damaged, you can have it replaced for the current value as opposed to what you paid originally minus depreciation. For instance, if you paid $1,000 for a television two years ago and it gets damaged, you can replace it for its current cost of $1,200.

In case something does happen while you’re having your goods transported, you should have a basic understanding of the claim process. While the actual steps might vary somewhat depending on which moving service you use, most follow much the same process. Before or on the day of your move, one of the crew members will prepare an itemized inventory showing the condition of your belongings. As you go over that list, make sure that you agree.

When you arrive at your new home only to discover that something got damaged, contact the agent at the moving company who helped facilitate the inventory. That individual will go over each step required for filing a claim, ensuring that you receive a fast and fair resolution. As your point of contact, you can speak with that person more than once if you have questions.

Instead of tossing the broken item out or trying to repair it, hold onto it as is. The company providing the moving service will send an inspector to your home. After looking at the item, that individual will create a written statement, followed by submitting it to the company’s insurance provider. Although the inspector might take the damaged piece, usually only photographs are taken for evidentiary purposes.

After your documentation is processed, the insurance company will send you a check for the appropriate dollar amount. As to the time it takes to get resolution, it depends on several factors. But by working with a top-rated moving company, the claim process goes relatively quickly. One important note is that if something gets lost, damaged, or destroyed, there is only a certain amount of time to file a claim. You can find that information in your contract or by calling talking to the agent at the moving company you hired.

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